Doing well by doing good—it’s our original purpose story.

                            For almost 125 years, our iconic brands have been delighting consumers. They’ve spanned generations, been a part of our culture and were on hand for great moments in history. They’ve been shared at family gatherings and helped create personal moments of happiness. And through it all, doing business the right way has been key to our long-term success and how we continue to deliver innovative and exciting products that consumers love.

                            We’re using responsibly sourced ingredients, offering smaller portion sizes, and giving consumers more choice and transparency across our portfolio of great-tasting snacks.

                            Milton Hershey made sure that everyone had the opportunity to enjoy chocolate, which propelled his success and allowed him to leave a lasting legacy that would benefit kids in need for generations to come. Today, we honor his generosity by investing in brands, business models and programs that continue that legacy of making a difference.

                            Click below to learn how our values have continued to guide our business decisions, and how we’re investing in cocoa communities. #SharedGoodness

                            Feature Story

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                            Cocoa For Good

                            By collaborating with our partners and the cocoa-growing communities around the world, we’re working to holistically address the issues these communities are facing — from poverty to climate change.

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                            Responsible Sourcing at Hershey

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                            Sourcing The Right Way

                            Good business practices affect everyone in our supply chain, from cocoa farmers and their communities to our employees, shareholders and the people who buy our delicious snacks. Our programs focus on sustainable sourcing so that ingredients are farmed in a responsible manner and that land, people and communities will thrive.
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